The Godlands, previously known as Sivaria, is the second largest continent in the Outrealm, but is also the least populated by intelligent beings. When the Outrealm was created, Sivaria, like Halavar and Shintabar, was populated by numerous kingdoms of many different species, however during the Banishment War the continent was devastated by the conflict more so than the others because it was the location of the First Moot, the blasphemous meeting that began the war, causing the Old Gods to use the continent as an example for those who defy them.

Being the location of the Second Moot, Sivaria was ravaged further by the chaotic energies that resulted from the rise of the Four to godhood, causing the creation of strange land masses and erratic, dangerous creatures. The land and air of the continent is effected to the core by the chaotic energies, changing its properties frequently and randomly to the point where it can even become toxic to many mortal creatures. As a result of all these things, the Godlands is considered all but unsuitable for habitation and colonization despite many efforts, especially by the dwarves, and to this day is rarely visited by any who do not seek death.